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Results of the 2nd Kids’ Drawing Contest announced!



This year’s theme, “precious thing,” was chosen by 11 countries and regions around the world, and a total of 391 works were submitted!

From the collected works, the “Country Award” chosen by Motherhouse’s producing and selling countries, the “Grand Prize” to be printed on cotton bags, and the “Eriko Yamaguchi Award” chosen by Eriko Yamaguchi were selected!

Grand Prize [the shape of air]
『 “Air” is the most important thing for all living things, but it is invisible to the eye. I felt the imagination of a child who jumped far beyond stereotypes to draw it in various visible designs. This is an amazing work of art.』

The grand prize winner will be turned into a cotton bag and given to customers who purchase products (small leather goods) at the Motherhouse store.
This event will end as soon as they are gone.

Announcement of each award
Eriko Yamaguchi Award [evering sky]

Bangladesh’s Country Award [FAMILY TOUR]
『Children like to travel with their parents. Travelling is a wise way to create a strong bonding among their family members. They also like to see the beauty of nature and learn the culture.』

Myanmar’s Country Award [Kite flying with friends]
『In Myanmar, children also play with kites. It’s called “Soong” (bird’s name).I chose this picture because I felt children have something in common that children in Bangladesh, Japan and even more countries enjoy the same game.』

Taiwan’s Country Award [Heart]
『We believe that whether it is a concrete or abstract concept, the mind is a very important thing. The child drew a pair of hands holding the heart. We think it represents the importance he attaches to the heart. During the growth process, he has a sincere heart, treats everyone with heart, and does everything with heart, There will be many treasures belonging to the child. Especially in this global epidemic year, it has made us understand how important it is to treat everyone and everything around us with heart.』

India’s Country Award [Family]
『It’s a unique choice in India, where family is so important! There were a lot of family-themed paintings in selections, but we chose this because it has the nicest expression. It would look splendid when printed on the cotton bag!』

Singapore’s Country Award [Carps]
『Carps symbolize positivity and good luck and are a symbol of strength.I think these are attributes that fit with the theme ‘precious’, and are the driving forces for our future especially when the world is dealing with a global pandemic. 』

Hong Kong‘s Country Award [water source in the earth]
『Due to the rapid increasing population, the demand of water also increase. But the water source in Earth only contains 2.5% fresh water which is available for human drinking that means the shortage of water source will occur in the coming future. I think this is a way to let people know how important of water source in Earth especially for children. We need to let children have a good habit for using and saving water . Another reason is I think the drawing technique is better than others that impresses me.』

Indonesia’s Country Award [Life and time]
『We are reminded of many things in this corona disaster, but we thought it is very precious and important to “love time” in any situations. We are impressed by the simplicity of the picture that appeals its message clearly.』

Sri Lanka’s Country Award [Covid 19]
『In the picture I feel the child is trying to say ” We should always give credit and appreciate when someone or some people are doing something great. we should always give gratitude to the people who deserve it.
In the picture I can see – No matter which religion you are no matter which culture you are born in, any virus will harm no matter who you are. The whole world is suffering because of this corona virus situation no matter which country you are living in. Always appreciate and be thankful for all the doctors and nurses who put so much effort and take so much risks for us and treat them like gods because it is them who are saving us. This is a very powerful message from a small child to everyone. 』

Nepal’s Country Award [My motherhouse in NEPAL]
『This is related about my country and my work at Motherhouse in Nepal. I assume that it tries to show our love towards the country and company like the relationship of mother and baby. All the pictures were beautiful but this picture impressed me the most as it is very familiar.』

French Country Award [PARIS]
『We chose this design because our city of Paris is precious and so is nature.』

Japan’s Country Award [Shape of Air]
The Grand Prize winner, “Shape of Air,” was selected.

What is the Motherhouse “Kids Drawing Contest”?
For the children who were unable to leave their homes due to the Corona disaster, we held a contest for children’s drawing works in the hope of creating opportunities for them to exercise their creativity.
*For more information

In addition to announcing the winners of the contest, the grand prize winners were printed on cotton shopping bags used at Motherhouse stores and distributed to customers, providing children with the experience of “making something of their own.

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