Eriko Yamaguchi

Chief designer, founder, CEO
Born: 21 August 1981

In 2003 in the midst of her study at Keio University in Japan, Eriko worked as a summer intern
at Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC. However, she began to have strong
doubts about the propriety of her work. The stacks of the paper works and excel sheets did not
seem to reflect help or improve the livelihoods of those in developing countries.

Just after the internship ended, she flew directly to Bangladesh to see the realities in developing countries.
While she was staying in Dhaka for two years, she studied developing study at the graduate
school of BRAC University and worked as an intern at Dhaka office of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
One day, in a product exhibition, she serendipitously encountered with jute fiber and determined
to start business by making bags with the fiber. While never having a formal training as a
designer, she scratched down her ideas on a notebook and visited countless number of factories
all over Dhaka alone to find a business partner. Half a year later, she finally found a small factory
that was willing to do business with her.

Since Motherhouse was founded in 2006, Eriko has gone through numerous hardships, failures
and betrayals, but she has overcome all those challenges. She has been designing, managing,
and producing all its products of Motherhouse. She is currently on her journey to explore, build,
start-up, and establish new production site in Nepal.

Eriko has received increasing media exposure as a leading young entrepreneur and a
"social entrepreneur" in Japan, once featured as one of two dozen emerging entrepreneurs in
Asia-Pacific region by Business Week magazine (2007).
She was awarded as Social Entrepreneur of the Year in Japan by Schwab Foundation in 2010.
She is also Mentor for MIT Legatum Center for Development & Entrepreneurship.

Daisuke Yamazaki

founder, Vice president, CFO
Born: 21 May 1980

Daisuke Yamazaki is the co-founder and executive vice-president of Motherhouse Co., Ltd.

He was born in Tokyo in 1980. After graduating from Policy Management at Keio University in 2003, he joined Goldman Sachs Japan Limited as economist. He worked on economic research of Japan and Asian region, analyzing and forecasting stock and bond market, offering financial products to investors.

In 2006, Daisuke co-founded Motherhouse Co., ltd,. To achieve the mission of Motherhouse to create "a world-wide brand from developing countries", Daisuke works as a bridge between developing countries and developed ones. He manages both production site and sales team, enjoying half of his time in developing countries.